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Vibecast On-Hold Creative Process

We assign a project manager who'll oversee your custom Vibecast on-hold audio marketing campaign from start to finish, ensuring the success of your program(s).

Step 1
Audio Marketing Consultation
The process for producing your Vibecast On-Hold campaign begins with a telephone interview.  During this call we ask specific questions about your business, your industry, your callers, and the image you want to portray.  This simple but thought provoking exercise helps us gather relevant information and uncover key talking points. It also provides you with the opportunity to ask questions.  We use this information to begin identifying the various ways Vibecast On-Hold services can best benefit your business. 

Step 2
Writing for on-hold or any audio medium requires a unique skill and special talent.   Our copywriters will make sure your message is brought to life in a manner that is consistent with your company image. 

This is accomplished by reviewing the information collected during the Audio Marketing Consultation, researching your website and industry, and studying any additional materials that you provide.  From there, we’ll put pen to paper and develop the message copy. You will receive the draft material and through our revision process; have the opportunity to make any edits you deem necessary. 

Step 3
Selecting Voice Talent & Musical Accompaniment
Once the message copy is approved, you will have the option of selecting the professional voice talent and musical accompaniment.  We offer a variety of male and female voice options, and often, we use the same talent that is used for radio and TV spots.

As for music…we have gone to great lengths to identify specific tracks within various genres that are best suited for custom voice-over and on-hold purposes.  All of our music is licensed and our library is extensive.  So if you are looking for knee-slapping, finger-tapping or anything in between, you can count on us to find that perfect sound to capture the personality of your business. 

Step 4
Development and Delivery
Your project professionally voiced and edited in a state of the art recording studio.  Upon completion, the custom Vibecast on-hold campaign is either delivered to you electronically, on CD or uploaded to our web-based server for download into your Vibecast Audio Appliance. 

We send update notifications and proactively work with you to produce subsequent audio marketing campaigns that are included as part of your elected subscription service plan. 


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