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Frequently Asked Questions


I purchased a Vibecast Audio Appliance and Message On-Hold Program from a Vibecast Reseller, how do I get my custom on-hold program started?
Complete the Vibecast Activation and Warranty Registration form and a member of our Vibecast Creative Team will contact you. 

What Equipment is required to play Vibecast Message On-Hold Programs?
To begin, you will need a business telephone system that supports message/music on-hold capabilities.   The majority of all business telephone systems in service support this function.  Check our list of compatible phone systems or contact us if you're not sure.  To play the Vibecast Message On-Hold programs, you will also need one of our Vibecast Audio Appliances.

 How Frequently Should I update my Vibecast Message On-Hold Program?
The frequency in which you update your program depends on your business. The basic premise is to incorporate the Message On-Hold Program into your Overall Marketing Strategy. 

If your business runs frequent promotions, conducts special events and has a relatively dynamic marketing focus, you should change the program monthly, sometimes more. At minimum, we recommend changing your Vibecast Message On-Hold Program seasonally, or four times per year. 

What does a Vibecast Message On-Hold Program include?
Vibecast on-hold audio marketing programs are 3-5 minutes in length and usually contain 5-8 professionally voiced paragraphs of powerfully written messages, completely customized with important information about your products, services, promotions, business info and more.  These messages will be separated by complementary music that is appropriate for your brand and professionally engineered for maximum effect.  See What You’ll Get.

Will My Callers Hear the Same Message Every Time they are On-Hold?
Probably not, but it really depends on the length of time they have been holding and how frequently they call.  Your Vibecast Message On-Hold Program plays continuously, even if there is no one holding. If one caller was placed on-hold at noon and another caller at 12:01, both callers would hear the same message on-hold program.  The first caller would have heard one minute more than the second caller.  The Vibecast Audio Appliance provides coverage for all your telephone lines, so if more than one person is on hold, they all hearing the same thing.  

Be sure to let us know if average hold time is in excess of 5 minutes so we can craft your Vibecast Message On-Hold Program accordingly. 

How much of an impression can really be made if callers are placed on-hold for only 20-30 seconds at a time?
The answer is probably a lot more than you may think.  Consider the power and effectiveness of television and radio advertising….the entire broadcast industry was built on 20-30 second advertisements!  
Those calling your business typically represent the precise audience in need of the products and services you provide.  Vibecast will help you communicate the precise information you wish to convey to callers, perfectly every time. 
With Vibecast Message On-Hold, you are placing your advertising dollars where you know the business potential exists. 

Can we include our corporate jingle with the Vibecast Message On-Hold Program?
Yes, we can incorporate your jingle and /or any other audio branding material into your Vibecast On-Hold programs. There is an additional set up fee and you are responsible for all licensing requirements for material you provide.

Who writes the Message On-Hold scripts?
It is a matter of preference and practicality.  Businesses with dedicated marketing resources typically provide the majority of the content.  Our copywriters and creative staff will optimize the material for the on-hold medium.  
Rhythm and Grooves also provides complete copywriting services.  Our Creative team understands how to ask the right questions to uncover key talking points.  We then research your company and industry.  The findings ultimately serve as the foundation for you custom Vibecast Message On-Hold Program.  Our Vibecast On-Hold Programs will capture the personality of your business and more importantly, your callers’ attention. 
What’s the turnaround time for Producing a Vibecast Message On-Hold Program?
We move quickly but try to never rush.  We will begin working on your Vibecast Message On-Hold Program within 48 hours of receiving an order.  Our turnaround times can be less than a week.  However, the first Message On-Hold Program for a new customer can take significantly longer than subsequent programs. 

It is important to know that producing effective Vibecast Message On-Hold Programs requires a lot more than just pleasant voices.  Rhythm and Grooves is a full service, on-hold audio marketing firm that provides everything required to produce very effective, high quality, custom on-hold productions. Our goal is to create a message on-hold program that “works” for your business.

How much does it cost?
Vibecast On-Hold Services are available for as little as $1 per day.  Pricing depends on the frequency in which you change your messages throughout the year.    See Vibecast Pricing options for specific details.  Be sure to ask about current promotions and discounted pricing for multiple locations, franchises, schools, and memberships in Affiliated Associations.

We have more than one company that uses the same phone system. Can we have a custom Vibecast On-Hold for only our use?
It depends on the phone system. Some phone systems have the ability to separate telephone lines and associated message on-hold capabilities, others do not.   Contact us to learn if your system supports this capability and to understand the various options.

Can I use a CD player instead of your Vibecast Audio Appliance?
Technically speaking the answer is yes.  However, off the shelf CD players are not optimized for telecommunications applications, nor are they built to industrial specifications.  There are significant disadvantages and inherent risks associated with using a product that isn’t designed for specific telecom related compatibility. 

What is the process for producing a Vibecast Message On-Hold Program?
Once we receive your order or verify your purchase, we will begin working on producing your on-hold program within 48 hours.  See Creative Process.



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