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Vibecast Pricing


Step One: Select a Vibecast Audio Appliance.

Depending on a number of variables including geographic location and services desired, different clients require different on-hold message player solutions. No matter what your specific needs may be, Rhythm and Grooves has the solution and we'll help you choose the Vibecast Audio Appliance that meets your business needs.

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Vibecast Audio Appliance – AA

Ideal for single location businesses update their on-hold program only a few times per year. 

 Includes general “thank you for calling; we’ll be with you momentarily message”.  Custom on-hold marketing campaigns are emailed to customer & manually uploaded to the Vibecast Audio Appliance using the included USB flash memory reader.



Vibecast Audio Appliance – IP
Designed for companies that update their on-hold program four or more times per year.  If you like the idea of managing your own playlists through a web based program, the Vibecast-IP is right for you!  Complete flexibility and convenience. 


Step Two: Choose a Plan that’s right for you.

Delivering fresh and relevant information to your callers has never been easier or more economical.  And with our flexible multi-update options, there’s a plan for everyone. Our Plans start at just $45 per month. That's a lot of marketing value for a little cash, and the freedom to pay as you go. What a great way to inform, educate, entertain and motivate your callers!

All Vibecast on-hold marketing campaigns include audio marketing consultation, copywriting services and your choice of voice talent and music. 

Part #




Two Vibecast on-hold marketing campaign updates

Smart Choice
Provides the flexibility to add a holiday message or communicate important info like hour changes, new locations etc.

Sign for 2 Years and receive a free Vibecast-AA appliance.

$45 per/mo


Four Vibecast on-hold marketing campaign updates

Excellent Buy
A good fit for many small and mid-sized businesses that can benefit from keeping on-hold programs updated.  Keep current with the seasons; promote limited time offers & more!

Sign for 2 Years and receive a free Vibecast-IP appliance.

$65 per /mo


Up to twelve Vibecast on-hold marketing campaign updates


Best Value
Like the idea of being able to change your program whenever needed?  Want year round flexibility and prefer to keep it fresh? This package is the answer.  And the price per on-hold message campaign is significantly less than the other options.  

Sign for 2 Years and receive a free Vibecast-IP appliance.


$95 per /mo


Single Vibecast on-hold marketing campaign


Step Three:  Consider additional image enhancing services.
You have one chance to make a first impression, that's why your "telephone image" is so important.  Rhythm and Grooves can enhance your company's call center menu options (ACD), interactive voice response systems (IVR), automated attendants, and voice mail systems by providing professional recordings and expert call flow design.
We can even help you present a consistent image by using the same voice for your telephone system greetings and on-hold marketing campaigns.
Rhythm and Grooves has the ability to provide ACD, IVR and AA Greetings and other Productions in various file formats, the most requested being: .wav, .mp3, and .vox. Please let us know if you require an alternative format not listed prior to placing an order.

Discounts may apply for Multi-location customers.  Multilingual programs and are available, additional charges apply.  Contact us if you have questions on pricing or require additional information. 


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