Scott has been involved in the music field as a performer, composer, engineer and producer for over 20 years. Having engineered and produced demos and releases for dozens of regional bands, in styles ranging from death metal, to punk, to folk music, to new age music, the scope of Scott's engineering and music production experience is comprehensive.

Working in the digital realm, utilizing ProTools, Reason and other applications, Scott composes and engineers his own multi-instrumental soundtracks and voice overs for commercial use and personal passion.

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song files from his first album.

Voice Overs


St. Petersburg Times Media Kit - Markets

St. Petersburg Times Media Kit - Video Production

Slamball Voice Over

Television Commercial

Smokin' Martini Lounge

Recent Compositions

Livin' Free - 4.4 MB MP3
Music & Lyrics - Scott Becker ©2004
acoustic guitar, lead guitar, bass, drums, lead & backing vocals - Scott Becker

Produced and Engineered by Scott Becker



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