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How Vibecast Works

Technically speaking…The Vibecast Audio Appliance connects to your business telephone system’s music-on-hold port.  Integration is usually a simple “plug-and-play” process, consisting of plugging in the power cord and an audio cable.  The web based Vibecast Audio Appliance also requires the connection of an Ethernet cable.  

Vibecast is compatible with 99% of the phone systems currently on the market and in use. The Vibecast Audio Appliance usually ships with everything required to properly connect and integrate to your business telephone system. 

You have two options when it comes to installing your vibecast audio appliance; you can do it yourself or have it professionally installed. Even though the Vibecast Audio Appliance is very easy to install, having it professionally carried out by a qualified technician ensures there are no delays or frustrations.

If you choose to install the vibecast Audio Appliance on your own, we strongly recommend that you follow the installation manual and helpful tips.   In certain situations, the installation could vary depending on the type of business telephone system. Keep in mind, the music on-hold feature may need to be activated or adjusted.

If you have any questions during the course of installation contact Rhythm and Grooves customer care by email, or call us at 941.746.6600. Questions pertaining to specific telephone system programming may need to be addressed by your telephone equipment vendor.


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