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Vibecast Services

  Talented Voices
Rhythm and Grooves offers a variety of female and male voices.  The type of business and the nature of the message significantly impact the best choice of voice talent for your custom production.  We will make a professional recommendation.
  Great Music
Rhythm and Grooves offers several genres of music.  We have gone to great lengths to identify which tracks within various genres are best suited for custom voice-over productions.  All of our music is licensed and our library is extensive.  If you are looking for knee-slapping or finger-tapping, we will find that perfect sound to capture the personality of your business. 
  Audio Marketing Consultation
Your marketing and communications goals serve as the foundation for your on-hold programs.  But for many, these goals are not always at the tip of their tongue.  That’s where we come in; our creativity and unique discovery processes will bring focus to the proper talking points.  And it doesn’t stop there. We will help you communicate the precise information you wish to convey to callers perfectly every time. 
  Copywriting Services
Writing for on-hold or any audio medium requires a unique skill and special talent.   Our copywriters will make sure your message is brought to life in a manner that is consistent with your company image.  This is accomplished by reviewing the information collected during the Audio Marketing Consultation, researching your website and industry, and studying any additional materials that you provide. 
  Professional Audio Production Services
Quality professional recording equipment, acoustically optimized studios and trained audio engineers will produce the best recording possible. 
  Installation Capabilities
Our Audio Appliance is designed as a plug and play device. Installation is usually as simple as plugging in the power cord and connecting a single cable to your Business Telephone System.  From time to time there may be a little more involved but nothing our authorized resellers can’t handle with ease. 

Service and Support
Our business model leverages our reseller channel, internal account managers and the internet to provide a pleasant user experience.  Answers to your questions are only a phone call or mouse click away. 



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